Father’s Dream

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My father was born in a farmer family. A typical family who lives in small village at Central Java. He was never dreaming to be a geologist like now. As far as I know he just an ordinary person who eager to get knowledge. Then, why he could be a geologist?

It was all about dream. His dream.
After graduated from technical high school, he wanted to be an employee in IPTN, the Indonesia’s aircraft industry . His motivation was simple, he wanted to go aboard on an airplane. Unfortunately, he didn’t pass to work there.
However, his dream, which was to fly in an airplane, was suspended and returned in a better form. In an unpredictable ways, he admitted in Dept. of Energy and Natural Resources, continued his study, and became a geologist. His dream to fly was fulfilled.
As a geologist, he explores Indonesia, inventory mineral resources, and most of his trips was using airplanes! He has stepped his foot on all main islands of Indonesia. He has explored many remote areas of Indonesia and revealed its beauty and its resources. His dream was achieved more than he had though!
About dream, my father always said that there is an X-factor that makes our dream comes true. When we believe that God has all strength to make the impossible possible, it helps us to make our dream come closer. I was being taught to dare to dream. When I was in primary school, I dreamed to get into my favorite junior high school, and it became real! Since that, I have my confidence to dream and strengthen my believe to God.
I write this article, because I remember something about my father’s word. One day, he told a story about his field journey to explore minerals in some secluded areas. He told about how hard his days in exploring and surviving on difficult terrain. After told the story, he said something that I never forget:

Let me doing this kind of work, exploring through jungles, swamps, and hills, if only my children will not experienced what I have experienced.

And now, I am a civil engineer. I stepped my foot on islands where my father had also stepped on. The difference is, my father works in the middle of ‘nowhere’, whereas, I work in the middle of civilization.

Tanjung, South Kalimantan (2010)

Palembang, South Sumatra (2011)

Once again, my father’s dream comes true…

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  1. \”When we believe that God has all strength to make the impossible possible, it helps us to make our dream come closer\” >> I Like it!!My father is a civil engineer, that's why I choose the same way with him right now..even I feel this way is so \”Terjal dan Berbatu\”..but I'll try my best!!Nice post Gan, Keep Inspiring!! 😀


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