Cycling Alone

A passion for cycling for me is like holding my self to have a pee (haha, can you imagine that?).

Like yesterday, when I planned to ride bicycle on the next day, I can not wait patiently until the next 24 hours. And today, as planned before, I rode my bicycle through a curved road of North of Bandung. The track I went through was usual for me, as me and my friends were often use this this track to reach Lembang highland or even Mt. Tangkubanparahu.

Gunung Batu (in background), part of Lembang Fault, beautiful place to visit

Today’s journey was a different one. This is my first time for cycling exceed the city boundary without companion. Actually, regarding to the mountain biking guide, the act I have done was not a recommended one. Because for a relatively long journey, to avoid any unwanted condition, such as technical problem, safety problem, and health problem, we should cycling in group. So, if those problems came out, we have an assistance to solve it.

Fortunately, I have not meet any serious problems throughout the way. I intended to ride my bicycle to Lembang highland and I made it. But, even I could reach my destination, it was trully different when I went cycling alone. I felt that difference in fortitude along the way. When I had cycling together with my friend I have good fortitude to overcome physical problems. Like endurance to “keep rolling” in ascended road or endurance in overall journey. And today, without companion, I felt I was not strong enough to climb and to reach my destination. That mentality suddenly appeared when I was in one third of the way. It was happened after I passed ITB lecturer estate at Mekarwangi village or often called PPR ITB. That mentality affected my physical performance. My head was whirling and I felt I should went back to Bandung. Instead of turning around, I decided to take some rest along the way and continued my journey.

At 9.15 a.m. I reached Gunung Batu, part of the Lembang Fault. This place is a big visible rock formation appeared in Lembang highland. For cyclist like me, Gunung Batu is a checkpoint that marked the ending of ascending road.
Yes, finally, I could overcame the hard curving road to this place. But, still, this lonely journey was different. I feel it was three times harder to reach this place. Why three? Let me assume, when I came to this place for the first time, the difficulty was twice harder than the usual journey. And today’s journey even more difficult than the first one! That was why I called this “cycling alone” is 3x harder. I could reach my destination but I have to impelled my bicycle in ascending road and have 3 times rest along the way. Why it was harder? Believe or not, maybe it was because when we went cycling together, we shared positive energy among our group. We shared our difficulties, we shared our spirit, and that was why togetherness made us strong!

Although cycling alone was hard on the way, it also gave a nice sensation for me when I reached Gunung Batu. I climbed up that rocky hill and feel the loneliness sensation at the top. That peaceful environment, swaying grass and blooming flower, accompanied by harmonious dancing of butterflies and nimbleness of flying swallow birds, made me spontaneus praise the Almighty who created this beautiful world.

That was my story when cycling alone. Though I experienced harder effort to reach my destination, I also felt the excitement of being lonely in the beautiful-peaceful environment.

Alone at last, with my bicycle PiPi, at the top of Gunung Batu

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