Mountain Biking with Endomondo!

After a month, finally I was cycling again with my pal, Upi, yesterday. I felt I am weaker than before, proven by my average speed on flat road which was shown by my new “Cat-Eye” velo-wireless, that showed: 15-17 kmph.

Yeah, I bought it just before Ramadhan to measure my achievement in cycling. I have already cycling through hills around Bandung, but sometimes I want to know how was my speed, how long the distance and many other parameters. I bought it at a cost of 35
0k IDR, but it was worth. The mechanism of measurement is come from a magnetic sensor placed at the front tire. Then the sensor send the reading to computer mounted on handlebar.

My velo-wireless mounted on PiPi’s handlebar
This velo-wireless read PiPi’s current, average and maximum speed, trip distance, total distance, elapsed time, calorie consumption and carbon offset. Fun, isn’t it?
Another Measurement Device
Last Sunday, when I went out cycling, Upi suggest me to use “Endomondo“. A sport software designed for Android and Blackberry, and other gadget with GPS attached. I did use it. And, my review was: It was fun and cool!

Endomondo use our built-in GPS in smartphone, then track our route, position, altitude and speed. There many sport category you can choose, from running, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, until kayaking. It can measure speed, distance, lap time, calories and even our heartbeat! I read the option and found that, if we want activated it, we should activate our bluetooth. How can it be? Our heartbeat being read by bluetooth device?? That’s cool. But I haven’t try it yet.
The readout from endomondo was also accurate. Sometimes I checked it with my velo-wireless reading. Of course, it should be accurate, it was using GPS. Endomondo also has coaching mode. After completed a specific distance, an offline audio coach will inform us about how long the distance we have been achieved. It was also fun!
After finished a workout, we will get the data regarding our activity. This data interface is cool!
Here is several image about that.

Endomondo home interface on our gadget

Interface that shows our result from current sport activities
However if we use a free version of Endomondo, we can’t get graphic report, but we still have a chance to look it. Just visit Endomondo website with our free account. Then you can see your route on the Google Map, your position by time, your speed by time and also your altitude by time.
Here is the example of my previous biking activity.

My account interface at Endomondo’s web

My activity’s result including graphic that shows the route, speed and altitude
For me, these devices: velo-wireless and Endomondo, have made more fun on my biking activity. You should try it!

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