First Class

I was told by International Office of Todai that I’ll have an entrance ceremony in the 2nd week of April. Suddenly, right after my Lab Tour on Komaba Campus last Tuesday, there was a notification that in Thursday there would be a class. Ow…

So, it was my first class. The subject was Principles of Soil Mechanics. Interestingly, the class was held in Komaba Campus while my lab is in main campus in Hongo. I should travel quite far to get one class. Yes, only one class. So this was my second trip to Komaba Campus. But, yesterday, the trip was different, because we went together to Komaba with Luki-san, my senior in lab. He is Indonesian, so along the trip he explained many things to us about living in Japan. How to choose “hararu” (halal) food, where is the prayer room, where is the cheap shop, etc. Along the way to Komaba, we met Sakura/ cherry blossom. They were starting to bloom. It makes the trip to my first class much enjoyable. Then we took some picture of it…
Usama-san and Luki-san on our way to Komaba Campus

The blooming Sakura

Me in a front of children’s park

Komaba campus is like a Jatinangor campus to UNPAD’s Dipati Ukur. The neighborhood is really quiet and   beautiful. Same as in Hongo campus, there are many parks inside and the community usually make use of that. So it is common to see childrens playing with their mother. 
Because we had a little time before the class started, we bought some onigiris for lunch and ate it in front of little park with Sakura.
Little park under renovation (??) in IIS, Komaba
Arriving in the classroom, I liked the atmosphere and facility (of course). My sensei, Koseki-sensei taught us clearly. With good english and also speak Japanese to Japanese student (yeah, he did two-language class), he explained the outline of the course thoroughly. Unfortunately, in the middle of the class, I felt sleepy. Just like I am when in the undergraduate study. Haha.
Me in the back gate of Komaba IIS

When class is over, Luki-san asked us to accompany him to Shibuya to buy some electronic appliance. I’m agree while Usama-san didn’t come because he should meet the supervisor. On the way to the nearest station, me and Luki-san pass through Komaba neighborhood. Houses in there are really beautiful and elegant. Luki -san also told me that the residences in the area are rich. It’s kind of elite area because of the housing style and also there are several elite high school. The students were very neat in their uniform.
The back gate of Komaba IIS

In Komaba neighborhood, Sakura has already blooms in the area

Again, in Komaba neighborhood, what a lovely place
We use some private lines to reach Shibuya. I just remembered about Hachiko statue in Shibuya, so I ask brother Luki to bring me to the site. It was very crowded around the statue. Everyone around it hold a camera. Hachiko is really a star in there. Luckily, I have a chance to get a photo beside Hachiko 🙂 .
With Hachiko
Shibuya is reallly a vibrant area. As an evidence I took a picture of the crowded crossroad.
The crowded crossroad (I forget the road name)
Another entrance for Shibuya Metro Station

Then, we look around for electronic appliance and visiting several stores, including Uniqlo. Luki-san explained to me about the apparel for every season in Japan. He also showed me a halal restaurant. Then we went there. The owner is an Indian, the place is called “Samrat”. To be noticed, they provide free rice and nan (kind of bread), so we can add more and more. Anyway I bought their new menu, I forget the name, which cost 1000 yen. That was my highest expenditure for one lunch *doooh.
The day was really beautiful. And doing a sightseeing in Shibuya after the class was a perfect choice!

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  1. Hai, salam kenal GhaniI'm glad to know your blog, it was very interesting. Thanks for telling us a nice experience in Todai. I hope that I can study there too.


  2. @Maman: Amiiiin. Didoakan dan ditunggu man! hehe@Rani:Hi Rani, thank you.Before I went here, I had a problem in finding stories about living & studying in Todai. I think they weren't having any spare time. Haha. Thanks God, I have a spare time before (maybe) hectic days come to me. I hope I can consistently writing in this blog to share my experience here.:)


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