Entrance Ceremony

In my first week in Japan, the International Office of The University of Tokyo gave me a blue envelope, contained an invitation letter to attend the entrance ceremony in the next week. For me, (at first) the invitation is not so special since I have experienced the euphoria of being a university student in my former university. It would be different if I was an undergraduate student of Todai. In the invitation letter, there was also a ticket to attend the ceremony. I was supposed to give it to our family or relative or spouse (maybe). However, since I haven’t any here, I didn’t use it.

Then the Thursday, April 12, come. Me, Usama and Bahar went to the venue together from Hongo campus. Yes, the entrance ceremony wasn’t held in Todai. It was held in Nippon Budokan, kind of Big Hall located in Kitanomaru National Garden. The area is also belong to the Imperial Palace complex. 
We went there by chikatetsu (subway/ metro train) from Todaimae Station (Namboku Line), transferred in Iidabashi to Tozai Line, to Kudanshita Station.
At Todaimae, waiting for the next train.
(Photo taken by Bahar)
Arriving at Kudanshita St., there were ceremony’s committee stationed there. They had already secure the way to Nippon Budokan. With yellow armband in their left arm, they guide all new students and invited guest to the venue. It was a big event. That ceremony, which was very important moment, especially for the freshmen, was fulfilled by families and also local media.
The entrance sign of Kitanomaru National Garden. The police in the front of  the sign board  shout continuously. Telling the direction to all guests.

Sakura/cherry blossom trees welcomed us, the new students. It was really beautiful.
In the front of hall’s entrance door. There were many students and their family took photos around us.
(Photo taken by Bahar)

Then we entered the Nippon Budokan. The building is like convention center, but the interior seems suit for sport event. Compared to Sabuga in Bandung, the interior and detail is less beautiful than Sabuga. However, this building is much larger than Sabuga.
Main podium
Sequence of event
Hall’s left wing
Hall’s right wing
Congratulatory words
Before the formal ceremony began, several extracurricular club, like a Glee club, orchestra and cheer leaders, showed their performances. The Glee club which seems awkward at the first (because it was my first time saw such club exist), has impressed me till the end of the ceremony. Their spirit should be rewarded. It is very nice work! And so do the cheers :p Otsukaresamadesu!
Glee performance
(Photo taken by Bahar)
Next, come the formal ceremony. It was like in ITB. A group of professor entered the room and were lead by “pedel” carrying Todai’s banner of greatness (for those who doesn’t know, please ask Mrs. Anis the meaning of pedel, until now I also don’t know it 😀 ).
After that, several speeches were addressed by Board of Directors, including the President: Junichi HAMADA.
Speech from Junichi Hamada. Look at the upper corner in the left of screen, there was an interpreter for disables. Maybe my former university must adapt this feature for the upcoming formal events.
(Photo taken by Bahar)
In the beginning and the end of the ceremony, two anthems of The University of Tokyo were sang by the participants. The first was “Tada Hitotsu” (The Only One) and the second was “O-ozora” (The Blue Expanse of Heaven). Although I didn’t know the meaning, when the song was sang, the atmosphere become glorious. It was like this video (since I don’t have any documentation on video, I attached the same atmosphere in 2007. The venue and decoration are exactly the same):
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7p724uRXBE&fs=1&source=uds&w=320&h=266]

Also there are some sources for these songs in here (Tada Hitotsu) and here (O-ozora).
The score
After the ceremony ends, we decided to have another photo session. At the outside of the hall, the situation still crowded. There were many families took photograph everywhere. We also did that, as a family of Indonesian students 😀
The crowds
Also the crowds

Delegation of Indonesia: hope we can make an extraordinary achievement here!
On the way to the exit gate

Me and the drinking bottle from my Aunt Susan

Scene one

Scene two

Scene three (I have no idea about the title of these picture :p)

Scene fou…ups…no, it’s me. haha

 So…that was my story about my “second” entrance ceremony. It was a special an unforgettable moment in my life. After this, what I need to do is studying hard, struggling the life and pursuing dreams \m/ Ghan-batte!

Thank you Sakura-chan, for witnessing the beginning of my struggle in Japan 🙂
See you again next year!

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