Cityscape: Parking Tower and Non Signaled Crossroad in Shimbashi

Today I was accompanying my friend strolling around Odaiba and Shimbashi. After getting out from Tamiya Plamodel Factory in Shimbashi we separated and I took a walk toward Yurikamome Station in Shiodome. There were two fascinating photos I took along the street. The first one is a picture of Parking Tower in Shiodome area. Perhaps it’s common for Tokyo citizen, but for me, I imagined that the building will also be appear in hometown which already suffer from traffic jam. Private cars everywhere without enough public transportation. Once good public transportation has been established, this kind of building should be placed near the hub or station that access public transportation system. I guess this parking building adopt automated parking system like in this video. Imagine how efficient it would be to tackle parking-space problem. In addition, in the back side of the building, there are integrated service station and gas station.

Parking Tower in Shimbashi Area
I continued my journey and entered Shiodome district. Shiodome was a freight station for Tokyo before it was converted into commercial and business district. On the weekend this area is quite peaceful, not like on the weekdays when it is fulfilled with salaryman (Japanese workers who wear suit). The interesting thing here is there are many crossroads without signal (traffic light) and it is guarded with at least six police officers in each crossroad as you can mention in the picture below. Their job is to make sure pedestrian cross safely by controlling traffic flow. I’m not sure if they are temporarily stationed there due to signal construction because I didn’t see any construction work. If they work there everyday just to guard the crossroad (I counted there are three crossroads without signal), it’s amazing! 6 officer for just one crossroad!
Non signaled crossing road guarded by 6 police officers
That is my story today from the city I lived in: Tokyo

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