Shifting to e-book reader: new kindle paperwhite

Kindle paperwhite 2013 model

I was thinking, by having smartphone I could easily access and read my e-book collection anytime anywhere. Then I found it hurts my eyes due to its small display. Then, I thought, maybe by having tablet (iPad, galaxy tab, etc.) it would be better to read e-book. But, again, I feel it would be uncomfortable to use premium-electronic device in the middle of crowd. Of course that’s only my personal opinion, for others it might be different. Even my friends said they were buying iPad to ease them to read papers during commuting time.

Except for the uncomfortable reason, another shortcoming if I bought tablet for e-book reading purpose would be the distraction I cannot hold from other application in the tab. Imagine, during reading, a notification from social media arrives and distract my progress. Or before reading, my intention to read changed because the temptation to play game and other entertainment apps. 
So I was thinking to find a much simple device just to read e-books. Then I remember kindle from Amazon. Before I came to Japan, I was criticized my friend who wants to buy kindle. I said why you spent money for a single purpose device? You can postpone that and buy a tablet when you have enough money.
But now, with those reasons I mentioned earlier, I prefer to have kindle than tablet for e-book reading purpose.
I decide to purchase one when I planned to buy a paperback book. At that time I was thinking how can I bring a lot of book when I leave Japan? And also I feel bringing paperbook everywhere is a burden for me. In addition, it’s my nature since primary school , I don’t know why, everytime I put a book in my bag, there’s always some part damage. Especially in the corner of cover part.
So here I just received new paperwhite today. Actually the appearance is similar to last year model, but there are some improvement in the chip. The device has no operation system, it use java. That’s why kindle is very simple.
When I open the case this morning, I was amazed with paper look-alike display. I even thought it was covering plastic screen that I tried to remove it.
Before receiving this kindle I already bought a kindle e-book, so this morning on my way to school I tried enjoying kindle.
And, yeah, it’s nice. It’s light, simple and made me enjoy reading.

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