My Proudness to My Flagship Carrier

It is actually the same theme I wrote on ghanblr, my other blog on tumblr platform.

It started on last monday, when I read an article about Mr. Emirsyah Satar (CEO of Garuda Indonesia) in KOMPAS. I’ve heard before from someone I forgot (hehe) that Mr. Satar has shown good achievement in managing Garuda Indonesia, our flagship carrier. He increased company’s revenue from year 2007 to 2008 and also inverting company stability from loss condition in 2006.

It makes me proud of him and Garuda Indonesia itself. Instead of world’s economic unstability, our country and Garuda Indonesia has shown the toughness to face this condition. Moreover, compared to JAL (Japan Airlines) bankruptcy, I believe Garuda Indonesia will do better in this globalization era.

Overall, I’m very proud of Garuda Indonesia…

And I still dreaming that carrier will take me flying to my dream…



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