Another Place to Cycle to

This is my story in previous weekend. On that week, I have planned to have several activities on the weekend. Initially, I had planned to participate in my father’s office family gathering. It would be arranged in Gambung, a paddy research center located in south of Bandung.
Unfortunately, a bus that should took us had limited capacity, so I decided to make another plan.

Suddenly, I remembered that my friend Nuri had asked me to join with him cycling to someplace in northern Bandung. So, I called him back and told him to count me in. It has been a year since I have had cycling with him for the last time. At that time we were cycling together with Upi to Mt. Tangkubanparahu.
Then, on morning 12 March, I ride PiPi (my bicycle) to the gathering point at McD Simpang Dago. There, I met Nuri and followed him to Mrs.Ciptati’s (my former Chemistry lecturer) house in Sangkuriang. She is the aunt of Nuri’s GF. I was just realized th
at we would go cycling with Nuri GF’ uncle and his workmates. Nuri invited them to cycle to a new place through Ciumbuleuit, Lembang, and Bosscha Observatorium. And I was amazed that one of Uncle’s workmates was came from Jakarta. He was willing to
left the Capital City at dawn only to go cycling with his friend.
The five of us then off to the road. On Babakan Siliwangi, other Uncle’ workmates joined us. Wow, we were a big party then.
The route that we took was Babakan Siliwangi – Ciumbuleuit – Cijengkol – Lembang.
When we have passed Ciumbuleuit area, we entered real estate whose name I forget (hehe). It was a big area and under development. I just couldn’t realize that there was such big site for housing in northern Bandung. I think the only controversial housing site which convert green area in Bandung was this estate.
The housing estate was wide-opened area in Bandung highland. We could see mountain belt around Bandung vividly: Mt. Burangrang, Mt.Tangkubanparahu and Mt.Patuha. Also other hills next to them.

Burangrang and Tangkubanparahu

Wide-opened housing estate area in a plateau between Bandung-Lembang

Under construction

Took a rest while waiting for other members

The housing complex was planned carefully. I admited that the supporting infrastructure such as drainage and access road is good.
Out from there, we entered local road again. That was Cijengkol. I have heard that Cijengkol has a legendary climbed track called “Tanjakan Langit”. Beudeuh… It was proved. I did many rest along the road. And at the end of the climbed road, I also did T
TB (short for “tuntun bike”), means that I dismounted from PiPi and start walking. Heheh.
When I was in “Tanjakan Langit”, sometimes I looked back and enjoy the picturesque landscape of Bandung. I also wondered, how was Bandung’s landscape hundred years ago? Where there were still plenty of vegetations, animals and original scenic beauty. Could it be back once again in the future? Only God and our struggle can answer.

Bandung scenery from Cijengkol (Tanjakan Langit)
Elementary school student, they seemed very happy walking down the hill
After probably an hour cycling, we reached the tipping point of journey. It located in the other side of hill on which Bosscha Observatory located. Before reached it, I passed a school that seemed to be an international kindegarten. The gateway named: “SOS Desa Taruna – SOS Kinderdorf”.
At the tipping point, I could easily saw a gorgeous scenery of Lembang highland: its ranch, its plantation, its town and its background, the Burangrang and Tangkubanparahu mountain.

At the tipping point
Lembang on north-east direction, with Bukittunggul as background

Lembang on north-west direction, with Burangrang and Tangkubanparahu as background
From the tipping point, we continued our journey downhill to Lembang town. We arrived at Lembang from Tahu Tauhid 1’s way. There, me and Nuri decided to stop for a while and bought some “Mambo Ice” to replenish our tired body. I bought a mango flavoured ice. It was home made ice, fresh from the oven!…freezer I meant 🙂

Es Mambo at Jalan Tahu Tauhid, Lembang (I don’t know the real name of the street)
Unfortunately, from Es Mambo we lost our band! They left us behind.
But, thanks to cell phone, we met them again in a food stall at the town, enjoying breakfast with lontong kari. Slurpp… 🙂
New Track: Bosscha’s Downhill Track
After breakfast, our group splitted. Me, Nuri, Uncle and his two friends took a new route that Nuri had explored a week ago. Other members took a common way to go to Bandung trough Jl.Raya Lembang.
As planned before, we wanted to go to Bosscha, or at least have a photograph of it. So, we were heading to Bosscha Observatory. The way to Bosscha was a macadam road. Along the way, I saw many old supporting facility for Bosscha Observatory. Like a power house and staff housing that have been built since a colonial government era.
Hardly, we reached the Bosscha complex and we
took some potoghraphs there.

The band members (4 of 5)

Corn plantation near Bosscha complex

PiPi and sunflower…shine in the light!

Rear side of Bosscha complex
Afterwards we continued our journey to the higher place, to the main place to have a photograph of Bosscha Observatory. Once again, we were cycling on the climbed road. 🙁
And here it is…

Bosscha Obseravatory as background

This hot-damned place was at 1200 meter above sea level. I can also saw all part of Bandung city. Whoo..amazing! My beautiful hometown…
This place even a bit more beautiful than Gunung Batu.

Eyed The City of Bandung

Panoramic image of Bandung City and its mountain around

Mountain trail that took us home

Mountain in southern Bandung
After took some photographs, we continued our journey back to Bandung. The track we went through was challenging. Imagine, we were cycling through downhill track from elevation 1200 m to 1000 meter with a canyon in one side!
Moreover, when we did downhill in high speed, I felt from PiPi. Fortunately not too bad, still, it pumped my adrenaline. Whoooh…
Finally at noon, we arrived at Bandung, safely, alhamdulillah…
One great experience in cycling has been added to my memory!
*Oia, I’ll cycling to that place again someday. If you want to join me, please text me or give a comment so I can inform you.

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